Toll Meeting 2018 will be held at the Congress Center of Alfandega in Porto.

Centro de Congressos da Alfandega do Porto


Centro de Congressos da Alfandega do Porto
Rua Nova da Alfândega – Edifício da Alfândega – 4050-430 Porto – Portugal  /  GPS coordinates:  41.1430389,-8.6217094

Tel. (+351) 223 403 000/24 – Email:

This Neoclassical building, was built in the nineteenth century according to a project by architect Jean F.G. Colson, who used not just iron for structural purposes, but also other materials such as stone, brick, and wood. It has a façade turned towards the Douro and the other sides faces the city.

It is managed by the Association for the Museum of Transport and Communications, and currently hosts its namesake museum. In order to accommodate the museum, the building was restored and modified by architect Eduardo Souto de Moura to also accommodate a convention and exhibition center, a training center.

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